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on relapse

I’m well at the moment, but I was thinking about my last relapse and I wanted to offer some hope & understanding to others. I’ve deliberately tried not to talk too much about my own diagnoses because I really wanted this project to be about finding a common...

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The ups & downs of self-care

This felt quite personal to write but the reality is sometimes we just have to hang on, do our best and look for the glimmers of light. My own self-care has been quite bad lately & I’ve been asked why I chose to set up a self-care project if I struggle with it...

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

I posted this on social media for world suicide prevention day. I worried it was a bit mawkish, but altogether nearly 300 people shared it. 10.9.18 is world suicide prevention day and I’m not going to tell you to “reach out” because I know what it’s like to withdraw,...

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