I posted this on social media for world suicide prevention day. I worried it was a bit mawkish, but altogether nearly 300 people shared it.

10.9.18 is world suicide prevention day and I’m not going to tell you to “reach out” because I know what it’s like to withdraw, isolate & avoid. So instead I’m going to “reach in” and I really need to tell you that:

– you are noticed
– you are worthy
– you are enough
– you are strong
– you are brave
– you are whole
– you are a survivor
– you are SO. MUCH. BETTER. than the people who have hurt you
– you are not alone

If you know someone is struggling they may need help they can’t ask for.

My passion is reducing 3 S’s: shame, stigma and suicide.

Please like & share so no one feels unreachable & because together we are stronger.

Stay safe.