Photo: Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. I found this tub of luxury ice-cream in M&S reduced to £1.50 and enjoyed eating it by the kids paddling pool.

Here’s a quick blitz of self-care ideas to kick things off. Please let me know your own ideas and I will add them to the list:

Be creative

Take photos, make photo album, colouring, drawing, dot to dot, make greeting cards, collage, scrap book, sew, crochet, knit, embroider, play dough, salt dough, pottery, make a seasonal table


Bath, long shower, try new products, moisturise, deep condition hair, paint nails, DIY facial, new face cream


Plant herb pots, make a window box, gardening


Cuddle pet, cosy socks or clothes, change bedding, soft toys, special momentos


Inspirational quotes, journal, blog, tweet, poetry, haiku


Listen to music, play instrument, compile different mood playlists, sing


Walk in puddles, listen to water feature or running water, make an aquarium, paddle in stream


Try a new recipe, bake, browse food pictures on Instagram, go out for coffee, tea, cake, or a meal, have a kitchen cupboard clear out


Swim, walk, jog, NHS Couch to 5 km, get out of breath, star jump, yoga, pilates, tai chi, qi gong, stretch


Picnic, fresh air, go to playground, walk dog, sandcastles, look for colourful leaves, smell flowers

Trips out

National Trust, garden centre, café, parks, museums, art gallery, visit a historical place or monument, aquarium, seaside, forest, hills, funfair or theme park

Quiet times

Magazines, read books or kindle, jigsaws, puzzles, sudoku, rest, candles, nap

Every day things

Drink some water, wash, clean teeth, brush hair, put clean clothes on, take medication, brew-up


Stamp feet for grounding, breathing exercises or just deep breaths, eat something very cold like an ice pop, diffuse essential oils, facial spritz- to get back in the moment


Social media break, make a self-care box or toolkit, think about when to say no, when to say yes, when to connect, when to take a break, when to push yourself forwards, when to retreat and take a step back


Voluntary organisations & charities, peer support groups, online mental health communities, GP, therapy, IAPT, mental health services, 12 step meetings.