Lizzy Beth is a mum of one and spent 5 months in a Mother and Baby Unit:-

Even though my little one isn’t school age, I’ve experienced so many intense emotions and find it a constant battle to remain in the moment with him and not get overwhelmed by my head.

Some things I battle with:

* questioning my worth as a mother- to the point I would harm myself and become suicidal- working really hard on this one and medication helps.

* feeling an intense pressure to be “perfect” and constantly engaging him and if I do anything less than this, I feel an overwhelming sense of failure and like I’m damaging him.

* I feel intense rejection from him if I try and show love and he doesn’t respond in the way I expect/ want him to.

* constantly looking for signs that he hates me and dismissing any positive interactions.

I imagine some of these are points that any mother could relate to in some degree, but it is the extremes to which these feelings are felt and the way they push my self-destruct button when I feel them.  It is exhausting and I could not do motherhood without my incredible understanding husband.

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